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Funding Options

We provide all funding options…

Hearing Aid Funding Scheme

The Ministry of Health’s Hearing Aid Funding Scheme covers the cost of hearing aids for eligible children and adults who are New Zealand citizens living in New Zealand or who are permanent residents.

This funding covers only the price of the hearing aid and does not cover any assessment or fitting fees that audiologists may charge. Funding for a hearing aid for each ear is available for adults once every six years. For children it is available three times in six years.

Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme

The Ministry of Health’s Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme provides $511.11 per hearing aid to adults (over the age of 16) who have a permanent hearing loss and need a hearing aid, are New Zealand citizens living in New Zealand or permanent residents who are not covered under the Hearing Aid Funding Scheme.

The subsidy for each hearing aid is available once every six years.

The Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme does not cover any additional costs for hearing assessments or hearing aid fitting services, which audiologists may charge.


Only audiologists who are full members of the New Zealand Audiological Society (NZAS) can access the Ministry of Health’s Hearing Aid Funding / Subsidy Schemes for their clients.

Accident Compensation Corporation


ACC’s assistance depends on how much of your hearing loss is due to injury as a proportion of your total hearing loss. Changes from July 2014 mean more funding is available to reduce co-payments and to encourage claimants to seek comparative quotes. 

At The Hearing Clinic minor repairs and maintenance performed by our audiologist are fully covered by ACC. Additionally they will contribute up to $234.09 per hearing aid every two years towards repairs or maintenance, performed by the manufacturer, if outside the warranty period.

Veterans Affairs

You may be able to get assistance from Veterans’ Affairs New Zealand. Veterans’ Affairs / War Pensions Veterans’ Affairs New Zealand provides assistance for veterans of the New Zealand Armed Forces who have suffered an injury or disablement as a result of their service. If a veteran has an accepted war pension claim for hearing loss, Veterans’ Affairs New Zealand can provide funding for the following services:

- hearing aids;

- audiologist and fitting fees;

- hearing aid repairs;

- hearing aid battery allowance;

- assistive devices e.g. amplified phones, FM systems.


We provide Southern Cross Easy-claim.  There is no need to fill in a claim form just bring your membership card with you and we will invoice Southern Cross directly.